Jensen Ackles, Danneel Harris

Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

We know those Supernatural boys have some very protective (cough cough, kookoo crazy) fans.

And while Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese have been keeping a low profile when it comes to the gossip mill, Jar's bromantic counterpart, Jensen Ackles, and wife Danneel Harris haven't been so lucky. The latest word on the relatively new newlyweds? Pregnancy!

So should we expect a Jensen Jr. soon?

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"Nope! It's not me," Danneel dished to us when we said we'd caught wind she might be knocked up.

Ya hear that, Super-fanatics?

See, we didn't think this was so much a baby bump-watched based on behind-the-scenes whispering (ya know, the way most rumors are started), but one created from nada by some gossip mongers on Twitter.

But figured we'd check in with the über-cool chick anyways.

So when can we expect the Ackles brood to add a baby or two?

"We are waiting till the Supernatural ends," Danneel spilled. "That guy works too much."

That, and nothing would start pandemonium amongst the Jackles fans like a preggo wife—heck, even Danneel knows that she's mucho, uh, debated amongst her hubby's fans.

Well, D., we can't wait till you've got a bun in the oven—that's sure to be one adorable offspring.

See you soon, babe!

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