Breaking up is hard to do.

But if, like us, you're not ready to say goodbye to Breaking Bad, star Aaron Paul has some good news.

Although AMC recently announced the acclaimed series' fifth season would be its last, its Emmy-winning star told us this week, "We will probably split it up between season five and season six."

That gives us fans plenty of time to wean ourselves from the addictive drama. Currently halfway through its fourth season, Paul says the best is yet to come...

"We just aired episode six of season four, and from episode one to six it was a slow burn," Paul told us. "It is about to get really, really, really crazy—just like our fans want it.

"There are going to be some explosions, maybe, maybe some blood," added Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) fellow meth cooker and occasional product sampler.

Although we can't imagine more blood than this season's shocking premiere, knowing creator Vince Gilligan's dark and twisted genius, we will try to prepare ourselves.

Meanwhile, it's nice to know we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the end of the series.

"We have 16 more episodes after this season," said Paul, so it makes sense to divide them over two years. The series' first season, abbreviated by the writers' strike, was limited to seven episodes; seasons two through four comprise 13 episodes each. 

"We want to end it on a good note," Paul said. "Our creator Vince always said that the show would probably end around season four, but they stretched it out a bit longer, so there is a bit more story to tell."

Until then, Paul promises, "A lot of craziness is about to happen."

—Reporting by Michael Wilber

Would you be happy to see Breaking Bad go an extra two years, or would you prefer to quit cold turkey after a full fifth season? Get your crazy on in the comments.

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