Prince William, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Kings of Summer

Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press, Rex USA, Getty Images

Best of Summer

The summer of 2011 is already on record as a scorcher, but now, as we move into the next round of our King of Summer tournament, the heat is becoming unbearable!

Your results are in from round two, and we've got the breakdown of who bested who. Although, before we move on to round three, we have a question for you...

But first things first. Some impressive runs came to end in this round. Most notable was summer fave Michael Fassbender. Fassy had been riding high following his performance in X-Men: First Class, but ultimately, he couldn't unseat Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Evans brought in 70 percent of the votes to send Michael packing.

Another blowout came from Ryan Reynolds, whose summer kicked into high gear when he grabbed 63 percent of the votes against Leonardo DiCaprio. At least Leo will have Blake Lively to console him.

In the other two matchups, Prince William outdid Justin Timberlake with 54 percent of the votes, and Ryan Gosling narrowly defeated the Boy Who Lived, Daniel Radcliffe, with 52 percent.

So that question: We thought we'd make things interesting and throw in some wild cards. Once again we're turning to you! Who do you think should be brought in to the race? Leave your suggestions in the comments or hit Twitter with the tag #kingofsummer and be sure to check on Monday and find out if your favorite made his way into the running! Let your voice be heard!

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