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Queens of Summer Tournament
Best of Summer

We started with 16 summer hotties, but only one can be crowned the Queen of Summer. Your votes from round one are in, so who made it to the Elite Eight and who had to pack their bags?

Nothing was predictable about this round, and the matchups were tough. The biggest winner was Leonardo DiCaprio's summer squeeze, Blake Lively, who easily sent Rebecca Black on her way after pulling in 70 percent of your votes. As for neck-and-neck contests, Emma Watson and Emma Stone were close from the beginning but ultimately it was Watson who pulled away and grabbed 52 percent of the vote. Whether she used any spells, we're still investigating.

And while she may have just enjoyed her fairy-tale wedding, Kim Kardashian was no match for real royalty. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton bumped Kim from the first round after she got 64 percent of the votes. Sorry, Kim. Hope you get to take a honeymoon soon. Maybe you and hubby Kris should plan a tour of the U.K.!

Check out your Elite Eight and keep voting! And don't forget to crown a King of Summer 2011.