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Angelina Jolie

Fiona Willoughby/HALO

Not surprisingly, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are, once again, taking time out for others.

Certainly no stranger to good deeds, Jolie stopped by the global headquarters of the HALO Trust (halotrust.org) in Scotland over the weekend to meet with the organization's cofounder and director, Guy Willoughby.

The two discussed the group's ongoing efforts to remove hazardous debris such as landmines from places like Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a soccer team in Glasgow no doubt got a, um, kick out of meeting Angie's significant other...

Brad Pitt


The actor, who has been busy shooting his latest movie World War Z in the city, graciously posed for pics on Monday with the group of youngsters and their coach outside his trailer.

What's more, the players actually got their jerseys signed by the actor, who reportedly joked with the kids that they could probably raise quite a bit of money for the team by selling the shirts on eBay.

Pretty cool, huh?