Charlie Sheen

At least Charlie Sheen's in on the joke—you know, the joke that is, well, himself.

After his tremendous public flameout, including his firing from Two and a Half Men and the follow-up insanity that consisted of Vatican Warlock assassin talk and a truth torpedo tour, it's now time to turn the tables on himself. 

And what better way to completely lambast yourself than sit in the throne onstage as the target of a Comedy Central roast.

How crazy is it going to get? Here's a little tease...


The Roast of Charlie SheenMon, Sept 19 10/9c
Dr. StrangeSheen
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Titled, appropriately, Dr. StrangeSheen, the promo for the show features Charlie, with a mouthful of teeth dressed in rodeo gear and riding a torpedo to earth as he reenacts a scene from the classic film Dr. Strangelove.

The word stamped on the torpedo?

Truth, of course.

Sheen is seen maniacally laughing and swinging a hat around in the air as he speeds toward the mountains in the background.

"Whoa ho ho ho, yeah!" he screeches.

And props to the music prodocer, who chose Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" to close out the clip.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is set to once again perform roast master duties, like he did at the Donald Trump roast. Audience fave Anthony Jeselnik will once again perform, along with roast regular Jeff Ross, who told us months back Sheen's special would be "epic."

Get ready for some serious laughs as the roast airs on Monday, Sept. 19 at 10 p.m.

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