Bachelor Pad started off innocently enough, with the guys and gals tasked with performing synchronized swimming routines to win immunity.

Anything to get these people into bathing suits, right?

You would think that the ladies would have the advantage, considering there were more than a few ex-cheerleaders in the group...

But hey, Mike Stagliano is actually a choreographer and Jake Pavelka, as he reminded us, has "technique from Dancing WIth the Stars!"

Sure enough, those two strapping, Speedo-clad lads were the top performers, and Mike ended up winning his second rose in a row.

Vienna Girardi, having been on the swim team and all, was so sure that she was going to win and was dying to have a date with Kasey Kahl and keep him safe for the week. But none other than Michelle Money, who we hadn't heard too much from this season, edged her out in the finesse category and won the rose.

And it was all craziness from there. Here are the other high (and low) points from tonight's episode:

• Melissa Schreiber was at it again, going off on Blake Julian for hooking up with her and then flirting with other girls. She even helpfully recounted, down to the minute, how much time he spent not talking to her. But the creepster deserves it, and it's his own fault for picking the wrong girl to align himself with.

• Jake, in his latest desperate attempt to stay in the game, started snuggling up to Erica Rose and her tiara. And it looked just as creepy as it sounds. "I definitely have good lips that I maintain with getting injections every six months, and I'm a good kisser," she drawled to the camera after smooches with him for the first time in hopes of becoming half of a new power couple.

• Kasey got all pissy at Vienna for being too nice to Jake (to his face, at least), but when he confronted her, she started crying and shrieking in her own defense. "I don't even want to be here! You swore you would protect me and all you do is get mad me!" she screamed. "She's more of a fame whore than Jake is," Kasey concluded in an aside. 

• Michelle and Graham Bunn shared a smooch on their date (which also included Blake and Kasey) and she gave him the rose.

• Mike took Vienna, Ella Nolan and, of course, Holly Durst out horseback riding. Holly was having mixed feelings, thinking she hadn't gotten enough distance from her ex-fiancé to figure out what she really wanted. But, despite her reservations, they were so sweet together on the date. "Every time I see you, you look so beautiful," he told her. Then, because it's Bachelor Pad, they ended up in an impromptu counseling session with Bret Michaels.

Every rose has its thorn, indeed.

• Kasey gave Vienna an infinity promise ring and she freaked out at first, thinking it was an engagement ring. And yet there's Kasey, trying as hard to please her as ever. Just chalk it up to Vienna's uncanny ability to wrap guys around her little finger. The woman's got game.

Meanwhile, tensions mounted as the elmination drew closer, with Blake trying to save his own ass by apologizing to Melissa, Melissa crying to Jake because she's just sad that way, Erica on a mission to save Jake and Vienna determined to save Kasey.

And because Jake vowed to "take some people down with" him if he was kicked off, Bachelor Pad ended immediately tonight after Kasey's name was called, meaning Jake had been eliminated.

Sounds like a great reason to tune in right on time next week, doesn't it?!

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