Lea Michele, Naya Rivera

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Dear Ted:
Of the Glee gals, who has the spiciest Vice that would make their mothers blush? Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Amber Riley or Heather Morris? Also any jealousy among the ladies, or is that friendship and sisterhood real?

Dear Detention Diva:
That's a good Q, doll. I'd have to say Naya, in this par-tick sitch. Which I'm sure will knock all your show-tune-lovin' socks off because I didn't single out Miss Lea. Can ya believe it? But Naya's Vice is so much more blush-worthy when it comes to the parentals.

Dear Ted:
The whole "It's a shame that Robert Pattinson didn't get the Jeff Buckley biopic gig" is bogus. I understand that you are practically required by law to shower R.Pattz with as much affection as you can, but seriously have you seen Reeve Carney sing? That's like game, set, match to me. I'm reasonably certain that Carney (in addition to looking an awful lot like Buckley) can carry the movie well. After shouldering the debacle that has been Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, opening a movie should feel like a piece of cake.

Dear Buckley Blues:
I agreed that Reeve is très adorable and definitely looks the part. That doesn't mean I can't be bummed that Rob didn't nab the role. He needs the perfect post-Twilight flick to keep his star burning, and I think this could have been it. Don't fret tho, I'm sure he'll land on his feet.

Dear Ted:
I was watching old 30 Rock episodes and it got me wondering if the rest of the cast is as Vicey as Blind Vice Superstar Alec Baldwin. Does Tina Fey have a B.V.? What about Tracy Morgan or newcomer Cheyenne Jackson? Surely Alec's Vicey ways have rubbed off on all of them by now!

Dear The Vicey Show:
C'mon, Lisa, you don't honestly think comedy angel Tina Fey has a Vice, do ya? The woman is practically a saint for puttin' up with the crap her cast puts her through. Of course, I'm mainly talkin' about Tracy and his big mouth, but there's other behind-the-scenes drama. That said, Alec is the only one to have earned a moniker so far.

Dear Ted:
Here are my celeb pregnancy predictions: Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and will be having a girl. Emily Deschanel will be having a girl. Natalie Portman will get pregnant again and be having a girl. And finally Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins.

Dear Fetus Whisperer:
I'd be willing to wager against you, babe. Especially when it comes to Ms. Aniston and her future offspring (emphasis on future). That said, how adorable would a pair of royal babies be?! I hope you're right on that one, Nemo!

Dear Ted:
I'm worried for my lovely Jason Momoa. Conan bombed in the U.S. theaters and I want to know how much this will affect his career. His star is on the rise, and I would hate to see it flicker out so quickly!

Dear I'll Be Back:
I never had any plans to see the reboot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, so I can't say I'm too surprised that other peeps didn't care to see it either. But I don't think you've seen the last of Jason. He's a fan fave on Game of Thrones, and he's pretty damn hunky. He'll get a second chance.

Dear Ted:
Do you have any updates on Jerry Rock-Butt and Kiki Doheny?

Dear Kiki Gone Cuckoo:
That much passion is bound to fizzle out fast. Which it did...for now, at least. Kiki will always have Jerry wrapped around her wicked little finger.

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