Souleymane Sy Savane, Gerard Butler, Machine Gun Preacher

Phil Bray/Relativity Media

Believe it or not Gerard Butler is an actor with range.

What? You think he's only capable of playing muscled-up warriors or the gruffer half of a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy team?

Think again. And we have proof with the new Machine Gun Preacher trailer.

Check it out...

That's right. A Scottish guy playing an ex-drug-dealing biker who is Born Again and devotes himself to helping less fortunate children in Sudan. Don't think we saw that one coming.

But there's still plenty of classic Butler moments to go around. You just know an ex-biker isn't going to take a lying-down approach when it comes to getting his way, so all those Sudanese militants who are out to stop his orphanage idea had better prepare themselves for Butler in action. Hand the man an AK-47 and he's set.

What do you think? Is this just an action movie disguising itself as a flick with heart, or can Gerard really deliver the performance this needs? Machine Gun Preacher hits theaters Nov. 18.

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