Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston; ADTJ/GI Media; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Seems Jennifer Aniston may have a "type."

We hate to keep bringin' the babe's mucho famous ex into the mix, but Brad Pitt and her current beau, Justin Theroux, seem to share more than just a preference for sometimes-grizzly facial hair and famous Friends.

So is J.T. just a Brad 2.0?

We sure hope not.

Yet, the case is building: Further comparisons between the two were quickly pointed out when Justin was recently seen tearin' up the town on his motorcycle (not that his vehicle of choice was ever much of a mystery).

Pitt is also a passionate ‘cycler, in case you didn't know.

So not a big deal, right?

That's what we say. Just because they both have bikes, doesn't mean they're carbon copies of one another.

In fact, we say Justin is much more the actual badass type that Brad Pitt wants you to believe he is. Justin has that whole rocker, laid-back ‘tude that Jennifer finds so appealing (for now).

It's a no-pressure relaysh, and that's what Jen's into. She can do the whole dating thing but still have plenty of gal-pal time when she wants.

The same definitely does not go for Brad-boy.

And hey, at least we left Angelina Jolie out of this one. Well, until just now, that is...

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