Chris Evans, Puncture

Millennium Entertainment

Chris Evans' body is smokin' hot even when he's playing a strung-out drug addict.

Need proof? Just check him out in the new trailer for his latest flick, Puncture...

Evans stars in the indie as a lawyer fighting a medical supply company over the invention of a new syringe. Here's the twist—not only is this a real-life story, but said lawyer is also a drug addict.

The opening sequence of the movie's new trailer shows a shirtless Evans in a smoked-filled dingy motel room practicing his courtroom skills. He's talking fast and pacing back and forth. He's wearing white pants, black suspenders and tie around his neck. You can see a big skull tattoo on his right bicep.

Evans is also seen popping pills, curled up on a bathroom floor next to a toilet, wheeling and dealing in courtrooms and boardrooms and staring down U.S. senators. A freeze frame of Evans is shown with the words, "Not Your Normal Lawyer."

The trailer leaves no doubt about that. Puncture injects itself into theaters Sept. 23.

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