Lady Gaga, Jo Calderone, You and I video

With the just-announced news that Lady Gaga will be opening next week's MTV VMA Awards, we've got more exclusive scoop for you on the pop star.

Wait till you find out which of Gaga's biggest gal-pal collaborators isn't exactly a big fan of her brooding male alter ego Jo Calderone in the video for "Yoü and I"...

"When I met Jo, I didn't particularly like him," Gaga's "Yoü and I" music video director and choreographer Laurieann Gibson tells us. "When I'm done speaking to him I'm like, 'Thanks Jo, you can leave.' But she's remarkable when she goes into this side of her and it's quite brilliant and amazing. And like I said, I didn't like him at first. I'm not sure if I like him, but he's really quite compelling and interesting."

Lady Gaga, You and I Video, Laurieann Gibson

Interscope Records, Dana Ross/E! Networks

So what about that striking resemblance to Bob Dylan?

"The look, it comes with her interpretation of her male energy," says the Emmy-nominated Born to Dance reality star. "I'm not sure how she came up with the physical likeness but as far as capturing him and filming him and giving him a story, I was really moved by the opportunity to do that."

As for if we'll be seeing Jo during Gaga's VMA performance next week. "Not sure if I've got to call his manager," Gibson joked. "Let's just say I'm in the zone."

Meanwhile, Gibson teased that "Yoü and I" will not be the last mini movie off of Gaga's Born This Way album.

"We are planning on doing more videos," she says. "It's gonna go in a different direction, a powerful one."

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