Ryan Gosling, Drive Poster


Ryan Gosling certainly has the "rebel with a cause" thing down. If the cause is making us drool every time we see his handsome mug, that is.

And that's exactly what we did when we peeped the poster for the ab-tastic actor's latest flick, Drive. Face the facts: Ry-guy looks way mysterioso and, as always, pretty badass (who else can make driving gloves look so good?).

Which makes us wonder: Seriously, can Gos do no wrong?

Doesn't seem like it. At least not in the movies.

The Oscar-nominated actor (which should be Oscar winner, if only for his six-pack) has certainly made a name for himself playing hotties with a bad-boy streak. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

And while his next flick looks a bit too violent for our par-tick tastes (uh, WTF to that elevator scene!), we're still going to suffer through the blood and guts just to see the smokin' hot scenes between Ryan and Carey Mulligan.

Which may be our only problem with Ryan in real life: Why does R.G. have to leave all the muy caliente chemistry on the big screen?!

You know, just like he did with Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love. And Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine?

We're all for privacy, but we wish the totally doable dude would give us a few deets about his personal life. We're dying to see some paparazzi shots of him getting cozy with one of H'wood's many eligible hotties à la his Notebook-turned-real life romance with Rachel McAdams.

Or ya know, ex-GF Sandra Bullock. She's single now too, Ry, in case you haven't heard.

Or, better yet, one of us! What? We can dream...

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