The Woman in Black, Daniel Radcliffe

CBS Films

In the canon of techniques movies use to scare the Voldemort out of us, three things reign supreme: creepy Victorian dolls, creepy little girls and creepy mansions. Fortunately, the trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's newest flick, The Woman in Black, has all three in spades!

Thus, it is the scariest thing you'll see all day. Ready to get chills?

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that there's an added creep factor: When one of those little girls does a voice-over of a sing-song poem about how a mysterious ghost is tormenting an entire town.

At least it's reassuring to know that Dan looks just as creeped out by the strange goings-on as we are.

Just one thing, Dan, as you stand there looking out the window...don't turn around.

The Woman in Black creeps into theaters Feb. 3. Ready to get scared?

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