Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Saw the pics of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in Wyoming. They seem like two great people who would truly appreciate one another. Am I right or are they quietly Vicey?

Dear Hiking Hotties:
The H'wood pals are strictly platonic (for now), but they're definitely enjoying each other's company. And who better to commiserate about recent romance troubles with than a hottie costar? As for the Vicing, well, these two are moniker-free. That's not too shocking though is it, babe?

Dear Ted:
Selena Gomez
?! Sneaky? Girl seems like she could be my next-door neighbor/best friend! I know she's dating Justin Bieber, which raises all sorts of questions, but I hope the babe isn't into anything too slutty or dangerous.

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Dear Goodie Two-shoes:
Don't worry your teeny-bobber head. Selena is hardly the wildest of the Disney darlings, and I still totally heart her despite her craftiness. Oh, and for the record, her sneaky shenanigans have nothing to do with Bieber. In fact, he probably doesn't know!

Dear Ted:
I love Sam Worthington, what a man...smoldering. Does he have a Vice, and is he really giving up acting for a break?

Dear In the Water:
You'll see plenty more of Sam's wiskery mug on the big screen. He's earned big-time box-office bucks in the past, so his peeps aren't going to just let him retire in his prime. And every big-screen hunk worth his money has a Blind Vice, Sam included!

Dear Ted:
I don't understand how they can make Tom Cruise someone who is supposed to huge and 6 feet, 5 inches tall. It's a little disappointing that they would cast him, and it's very upsetting to the fans of this book. Can they really make little Tommy look tall? Because it seems unlikely.

Dear Smoke and Mirrors:
It's movie magic, babe. They can do anything! Don't fret, when Tom hits the big screen, I guarantee he'll looks the part. Haven't you seen the casting for Snow White and the Huntsmans's dwarves? Not an actual dwarf in the bunch! And no one bitched then.

Dear Ted:
What's with the snark toward Taylor Swift's undies? I'm glad I don't have to see her naughty bits if a wind machine blows in the wrong direction. I applaud her for knowing how many kids are in that audience.

Dear Gone With the Wind:
No snark, BJ! Just sayin' the weren't Tay's usual Under Roos. Heck, if it had been Britney Spears up there, she wouldn't have been wearing underwear at all!

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