Jackie Chan

Andrea Raso/LaPresse/ZUMA Press

We can't help but wonder if Jackie Chan is getting a, um, kick out of this.

Believe it or not, the action star has, once again, fallen victim to yet another death hoax.

But a rep for the martial arts legend was quick to inform E! News that the man is still very much alive. Repeat. Very much alive.

So, just how did this all start?

Well, it seems somebody created a  "R.I.P. Jackie Chan" Facebook page, which sparked the rumors of the Rush Hour actor's demise. As a result, folks on Twitter immediately starting expressing their shock and dismay. Although, thankfully, as time went on, fans slowly began to realize that talk of Chan's passing was simply not true.

It's the second time this year that Chan was believed to have met his maker. Back in March, after the Internet was abuzz with bogus reports of his passing, a note was subsequently posted on his Facebook page assuring people that "he did not suffer a heart attack and die."

Guess social networking can sometimes be a social nuisance.

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