Sex and The City, SATC, Fashion Evolution


So True So False, STSF

There have been many pretenders to the throne (hey there, Gossip Girl. Hiya, Lipstick Jungle). But when it comes to definitive female-centric series, there was ever only one Sex and the City.

And now maybe two.

Word fresh from the British tabloids is that Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, along with showrunner and film legacy ruiner Darren Starr, got so peeved at the prospect of an SATC prequel that they're joining forces to stop it the only way they can: by saturating the market and delivering—after quite a hiatus—the seventh season of a show nobody asked for, but would surely watch. (C'mon on, admit it).

But is it really true? Are Carrie and Co. really returning in their grand old dotage to the small screen? Put on your highest Manolos and pour yourself a stiff Cosmo, because this rumor is…

So false!

But on the bright side, HBO's slogan finally makes sense—it's not TV. At least, not anymore.

Sarah Jessica Parker's rep flat-out denied the Daily Mail's story to E! News, saying reports the girls would reunite on premium cable were "completely false."

Granted, it might not seemed all that believable to begin with, but we've heard worse ideas. The plot of Sex and the City 2, for example.

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