Green Day

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Green Dayare the latest musicians to pay tribute toAmy Winehouse.

The band held a secret show at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, Calif., last week, where they debuted a new tune honoring the late singer, titled "Amy."

Listen to the song here...

The touching tribute was one of several new songs the band unveiled during the gig in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The stripped-down tune covers Winehouse's troubled life and addiction problems, along with her talent and untimely death.

"No one really knows about your soul, and I barely even know your name," Billie Joe sang. "Burning rhythms and posting lies for a bunch of fools drown in shame...Did you tattoo a lucky charm to keep you out of harm's way? Warding off all evil signs, but it never really kept you safe."

The tune also talks about Winehouse's very public troubles with alcohol:

"You're too young for the golden age, 'cause the record bin's been replaced. 27 gone without a trace, and you walked away from your drink."

The American Idiot Grammy winners join Coldplay, U2, M.I.A. and Big Boi with their Winehouse tribute and thanked their fans for attending the show on their website.

"We have been in jamming and writing new songs for the last few months. It felt great to play these new Green Day songs live and share our work in progress. Stay tuned for more!" it reads.

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