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Pretty Little Liars' New Bad Boy Drew Van Acker Defends Jason: "He's Misunderstood"


Attention Pretty Little Liars fans, Drew Van Acker has a very important announcement to make: Jason DiLaurentis is not a creeper. We repeat: Not a creeper. Like all bad boys, he's just misunderstood.

"He's misunderstood. The people of Rosewood see him as this creeper. What is he doing back, and why is he in the house by himself? What is he looking for?" Drew explains of his mysterious character. "For him, he's really looking for closure. He's looking for answers just like everyone else is. I don't think he's really as creepy as everyone makes him out to be."

OK, now that we've taken care of that, let's get to the important stuff, like what the hell is going to happen between Jason and Aria (Lucy Hale)?!

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In last week's episode, Jason and Aria shared their first kiss…just as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) discovered Jason's shed shrine dedicated to Aria. (Oh, hi creepy pictures of Aria sleeping!)

Drew promises we will get explanation for all the pictures of Aria and says tonight's episode is "big as far as, hey, maybe [Jason] isn't as creepy as we all thought he was. Maybe he does have a genuine side and maybe he really does care about Aria."

So will we see the Jason-Aria-Ezra (Ian Harding) love triangle come to an end? "You might," Drew says coyly. "You might see it come to an end. I know there's a lot of disgruntled Aria and Ezra fans."


Disgruntled is putting it mildly, but Drew enjoys the intensity of the PLL fans, saying, "It's been great." In fact, he's hoping Jason and Aria get together because he likes to "come in and stir things up a little bit. Stirring the pot a little bit would be fun for me."

Aside from stirring the pot containing Aria's relationships, fans should prepare to learn more about Jason's backstory. "You see Jason's past come up in future episodes," Drew says. "You'll learn a little bit about Jason and what he's done and where he's been." You know, besides working out at the gym. (Have you seen those abs?! Those are good abs to have.)

Could that past include possibly killing his little sister, Alison? We asked Drew if, as a casual TV viewer, he thinks Jason could've killed Alison. "I think it is possible, because there's so much that happened that night that we don't know and Jason in particular doesn't know," he answers. "He blacked out and there's a lot that happened that he particularly can't remember. I think it's definitely possible."

Finally, we asked Drew for any details about the upcoming midseason finale. "You'll be surprised where the girls end up," he teases. "Let's put it that way." Hmmm...time to put on our thinking caps and dissect that answer. To the Watch With Kristin Cave!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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