Just as we finished processing the loads of The Dark Knight Rises info that had surfaced over the last few weeks, a new wave has kicked up, and it's full of spoilery goodness from the Pittsburgh set of director Christopher Nolan's superhero epic.

Check out the video above (if you dare!) to get a glimpse of the Caped Crusader piloting one seriously badass piece of flying technology through the wintry streets of Gotham. And hit the jump for some more peeks at Catwoman's controversial new look while she races around town on her own Catcycle (or, as we have theorized before, a jacked Batpod).

With the help of a truck decked out with a complete hydraulic system (CG magic behind the scenes will remove it from the final picture), Batman's slickest ride to date can hover and jockey for position in a chase scene as it winds its way through downtown Gotham. And it looks like it has some serious firepower to boot.

In another part of town, Anne Hathaway's stunt double was busy taking part in her own chase. Donning the suit that the actress was quick to defend after it was first revealed, she races through an intersection with some Tumbler support and does some sexy motorcycle maintenance between takes.

What do you think? Anxious to see how all the action turns out on the big screen come next July?

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