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So True? So False? Is Jennifer Aniston Really Joining Days of Our Lives?!

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John Aniston, Jennifer Aniston
John Aniston, Jennifer Aniston NBC; Lester Cohen/WireImage
So True So False, STSF

Who said nepotism is a bad thing? In fact, if our offspring were one of the biggest stars in the world and we were employed by a TV genre in need of some big ratings, we might drop a hint or two around the house, too.

Reports are swirling today that Jennifer Aniston is throwing a lifeline to the series that's given her father John Aniston steady employment for, well, decades, and is set to appear for a guest starring run on NBC's flailing (in as much as every soap opera seems to be flailing) daytime sudser Days of Our Lives.

Likely ensuring they'll eke every tabloid inch they can out of the casting, the Days masterminds have reportedly cast Jen—who, rumor has it will take home scale, or $645 per day, for the gig—as a wedding planner hired to marry off daddy dearest's character.

She wouldn't be the first star to lend her power to a soap. And Aniston does have a history of dropping in on pal's shows. But is it true? Like sands through the hourglass, this rumor is…

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So false!

Sorry to say, America's favorite Friend (or her evil twin) will not be dropping by Salem.

Aniston's rep denied the rumor to E! News this morning, saying there was no truth to the rumors.

Too bad. Guess Victor Kiriakis is going to have to find another wedding planner.

And America's housewives will have to make do with just one Aniston on the airwaves.  The 78-year-old John has played the Greek conniver on the soap for more than 24 years, appearing in 1,199 episodes to date.

Nice to know career longevity runs in the family.

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