Kim Kardashian


Kim's Wedding Tile

Wedding jitters? Please.

After all, if there's anyone who's used to the constant stream of stress and flashbulbs involved in navigating a hectic schedule while staying square in the public eye, it's Kim Kardashian. In fact, we believe she calls that a normal Tuesday.

But throw a wedding into that mix, and it's enough to ruffle even the smoothest of feathers. So how's Kim feeling with just five days to go before she swaps "I dos" with Kris Humphries?

First of all, there's going to be no rest for the wedding weary, as Kim won't be spending her final week of singlehood squirreled away in private. Just last night, in fact, E! News caught up with her at the 2011 Do Something Awards, where she told us she won't be taking any breaks from her jam-packed schedule in the run-up to her big day.

"I find that I am calmer when I'm working every day," she explained. Besides, it's not all work, no play for the bride-to-be. And last night she managed to check both off her list at once.

"Tonight one of my good friends Demi Lovato is performing her single for the first time and I'm here to introduce her."

Good friend, huh? So does that mean she scored an invite to the (second) wedding of the century? We'll find out Saturday!

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