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    Spoiler Chat: Office, Heroes, Arrested Movie Development and More

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    Henry in Boise, Idaho: Bring back my Bluths! Any update on the Arrested Development movie? Haven't heard a peep since Jason Bateman said they were working on it.
    According to his onscreen mama, Jessica Walter, it is moving forward. "I was told it's going to film next year. That's what I hear," she said and then added with a laugh, "and they better include me, or I'll put a bullet in my head!" Of course the biggest hurdle is the scheduling: "That’s been the problem in the past, to try and get everybody together at the same time. But we are aiming for next year, and I hope it can all be worked out—I miss those people, I miss the writing." Don't we all, Lucille. Don't we all.

    Madison in Tallahassee, Fla.: Kristin, I am craving some Office dish, big time. Any news?
    John Krasinski
    told me he's talked to his costars about possibly directing an upcoming episode. "I talked to Rainn, Jenna and Steve about it, and they said it would be cool, but I think they’re just being nice. We'll see." As you may know, John's been working on a movie called Interviews With Hideous Men, which he's written, directed and starred in, but said directing his own show would be different: "It might be a little weird. It would be like if you’re at dinner with your family and telling them when they can eat. And you're like, 'Mom, not yet, you don’t pass the salt yet! I’ll tell you when to do that!' ”

    Marley in Santa Monica, Calif.: Any scoop on 90210? Is it any good?

    Dustin Milligan, 90210 CW

    I'm hearing it's "not bad," so keep an open mind! Meanwhile, a few things you need to know about Dustin Milligan (who plays the jock, Ethan Ward): (a) He's adorable, (b) he's funny, (c) he's a solid future-husband candidate, (d) according to a source (who misses Korbi?), he's dating his costar Jessica Stroup (formerly the Devil's spawn on Reaper, and she also shows up on HBO's True Blood this Sunday) and (e) he is apparently multiplying like gremlins because I met his doppelgänger at the 90210 premiere party, and it turned out the guy's name was Ryan Doom and he's playing Dustin's autistic brother on the show.

    Lizzie: A while back you did a column about Weeds, and the creator said they may be casting Nancy's sister in upcoming seasons. Well, after recently watching three seasons of the show on DVD, I can tell you exactly who they should pick: Lauren Graham! The actresses bear a distinct family resemblance, and besides, what could be more fun than watching Lorelai Gilmore deal pot?
    Inspired casting choice! Jenji, listen to Lizzie!

    Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

    Melinda in Cleveland: OMG, is it true that in the future Sylar has a son named Noah?!
    Yes, it's true. In the future, Sylar has a four-year-old named Noah (which has to be in memory or honor of our Noah Bennet, aka H.R.G.), and according to Zachary Quinto, Sylar's baby mama is "silver-tongued and alive. I don't know what else to say. I can't give that away—it's too good." I'm voting for Kristen Bell's Elle, who could certainly be characterized as silver-tongued, although perhaps I'm just thinking of Veronica Mars. Any other theories?

    Marcus in Portland, Ore.: You said that Peter and Nathan Petrelli will find out they have another relative on the show. Who? Is it Ali Larter?
    Ew! No. That would be a bit backwoodsy since she did the nasty with Nathan. It is not Ali; it is someone we know, and here's what I just learned that's even more shocking: Peter and Nathan will discover they have not one but two living relatives they weren't aware they had. One shocker will come earlier in the season. The other a little later, and they are both, in my opinion, some of the best shocks we've ever seen on this show. Guesses?

    Silvia in San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica: I just want an update about the new season of Desperate Housewives!
    No problemo, amigo. Susan is living with that other guy when the season begins, but she and Mike are still legally married. The official divorce won't be in effect for some time to come. Also, Mrs. McCluskey thinks someone is trying to kill her for being her natural busybody self. Later this season, Tom Scavo is in for a shocking surprise—and the hospital.

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    Tara in Las Cruces, N.M.: I need HIMYM News
    OK! Stella's sister Nora stops by for episode four, and unlike Stella, Nora does not love Ted. Lucky for Ted, Nora's fiancé does not love Nora either, and he practically leaves her at the altar. And that means there is an empty altar waiting around for a bride and groom to stand in front of it. You follow my logic, right? Sources tell me that Ted and Stella use Nora's wedding arrangements to carry off their own nuptials! (That's not just romantic, that's thrifty.)

    Tatiana in Baltimore: Loving the scoop on season two of Gossip Girl, but what is going on with Vanessa and Jenny? Clearly they are not chilling in the Hamptons!?
    Jenny has been an intern for Blair's mama, Eleanor, and she's clearly moving on up because she'll even make a surprise appearance at the infamous White Party. As for Vanessa, I smell a new, scandalous romance brewing, and I don't like it one bit. (Hint: older man.)

    Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl Eric Liebowitz /The CW

    Danielle in Glendale, Calif.: What's going on with those hot boys on Gossip Girl?
    Nate is still in financial trouble (thanks, Daddy!), but he gets a loan from a new friend to help cover the difference. And Chuck...well, Chuck will make you squeal like a 13-year-old girl (especially if you are a 13-year-old girl) when he gets close enough to a certain Upper East Side lady to swap spit with her. Yes, Chuck is kissing someone, and I think you'll very much like who!

    Bitty in Orange, Calif.: Got any Office info?
    I'm hearing that Pam will be replaced early on in the season while she's at art school. And who it is, I think you will like! Also, Brian Baumgartner says Kevin's crush on Amy Ryan's character, Holly, is just heating up: "No one is more excited than Kevin that Holly is in the office. No one." Hear that, Michael?

    Meredith in Houston: Hey, Kristin! You seem to be ignoring Smallville lately. Any juicy scoop to share?
    Just had a long, juicy talk with new Smallville executive producer Darren Swimmer, and he told me that there will definitely be a Chloe-Jimmy wedding, but that it does not go according to plan. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a bloody mess.

    Jessica in Auburn, N.Y.: Any hot scoop on the hot men of Ugly Betty?
    According to Ana Ortiz: "There's somebody new coming to Mode, some new, hot guy, and they won't tell me who it is." New, hot Mode guy has not been cast yet, but I get the feeling Hilda might be on his romantic radar once he shows up.

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    Elliot in San Francisco: Got anything good on Brothers & Sisters?
    One Walker is getting fired, another is getting blackmailed—and that's only the first episode back! When B&S returns Sept. 28, the Walkers will hit the beach for a little family vacay, and it's going to get ugly. In fact, we're in store for one of the worst Walker fights ever, and it's going to leave a lasting impression. Also, a certain Walker is having trouble consummating a relationship. (Hint: He's the youngest and the sexiest, and happens to be a future husband of mine.)

    Matt in Valencia, Calif.: Any more Office news?
    They're looking to cast a 6-foot-1-inch male middle manager. I find myself thinking that John Krasinski is pretty tall and also wondering if there might be a connection. Plus, I'm hearing of Save the Dates going out! Who's are they? Hmm...It could actually be one of three couples.

    Pam in Singapore: Any scoop on John and Cameron's relationship on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?
    Cameron says those three little words to John in the first episode—which is wacky, seeing as how she's a sociopathic robot. Right?

    Harold in Fountain Heights, Fla.: I haven't heard anything about ER in a long time, any scoop?
    Incoming chief Angela Bassett is going to have a hard time as the new leader of the team, not least because her staff is still mourning the doctor who died (yes, died) inside that exploding ambulance. I'm sure the mutiny will be quelled before too long though because really, who gives Angela Bassett attitude? A dumbass, that's who.

    Wendy in Hollister, Calif.: Any Greek news? Will Calvin still be with Michael next season?
    I'm told that at the start of the season, Calvin goes through some things and is left questioning what to do with Michael and the rest of freshman year. That doubt does not bode well their future, says me. For more on Greek, which returns tomorrow night, check back first thing tomorrow morning for a little appetizer!

    Shaunna Burt: What's up with Medium? When will it be back on TV?
    Dear children of the world: Don't talk to strangers, don't help that greasy old man in the park find his "lost kitten" and next time you wake up in a strange dude's basement, if he tells you that there was a nuclear holocaust and that's why you can never ever go outside again, maybe take that with a grain of salt. (When Medium returns in early '09, there's an ep where the bad guy keeps his victim in a fallout-shelter and tells her the end is not just nigh, and it's done come and gone. Think Jericho meets Criminal Minds meets the total yuck.)

    Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill Fred Norris ©2007 THE CW NETWORK

    Marshall in New Mexico: How about a little love for One Tree Hill? You've been leaving it cold and lonely.
    Well then, let me cozy up. Sources tell me we will find out that Peyton wasn't just sitting around pining for Lucas when she was in L.A. A movie producer wants to turn Ravens into a film. Also, Nathan plays Slamball, and Owen the hot bartender comes back.

    Jessica in Caribou, Maine: I miss the Henricksons. Got any Big Love love for me?
    The Hollis Green family of creeps is still at large. They break into the Home Plus offices and try to beat down Bill, but Don Embry saves the day. And speaking of Don, his lesbian wives don't want to be married to him anymore, just to each other. Poor Ross! I mean, Don!

    Emily in Albany, N.Y.: Is it true that The Closer was cancelled? I read that headline somewhere.
    Absolutely not! And don't say such things—you'll scare the children. In other children-scaring news, the summer finale we told you about involves a teen who looks up to the Columbine High gunmen and likes to play with high explosives. Not a good combo.

    Tina in New London, Conn.: Do you have any scoop on the Bones' season premiere?
    Birimbau arrives, gets divorced from Angela and promptly sleeps with another one of the ladies of the lab, and that lady is neither Brennan nor Angela. Scandal! Also, later on, Michael Badalucco, whom most of you know as Jimmy Berluti from The Practice, is guesting as one of the interns who will be rotating through the lab this year. Oh, and David Boreanaz himself is going to direct episode 10 this season (hang in there for more that).

    Jensen Ackles, Supernatural Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

    Francesca in Rhode Island: How about some support for the Winchester Boys of Supernatural?
    Gladly. The new season is looking good, and I'm told that the black and white, monster-movie episode could well be one of the funniest Supernatural episodes ever. So set your TiVos—you may want to watch it twice.

    Josh in Detroit: Anything interesting on The Shield, aka the best bad-cop series of the past 30 years?
    In the season premiere, Vic beats down Shane, and Shane reveals the threat to Vic's family from the Armenians.

    Raechel in Akron, Ohio: Entourage scoop? Pretty please?
    I'm hearing Leighton Meester and Adrian Grenier will be hooking up on the show! That goes down in the second ep, and I was on set, so stand by. Also, Constance Zimmer (Dana Gordon) revealed: “There is a very interesting change of events happening, not only for my character, but also for Adrian’s character..." From what I hear the first "event" that starts everything off is the death of Allen Grey, which sends Ari scrambling to the funeral to get the rights to the Ramones movie. I smell a comeback for Vinnie!

    —Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams