Darren Criss

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Dear Ted:
Do any members of the Glee cast resent Darren Criss as much as I do? I disliked his character first, but Criss' look-at-me antics on red carpets everywhere have turned me on him too. He's such a polarizing figure in Glee fandom that discussing the show without setting off the Crisstians' ire about something or other is like trying to take a stroll through a dog park in flip-flops. Got any goss to perk me up?

Dear Blaine and Simple:
Sure, there's some jealousy that goes on behind the scenes, but that's fairly normal—especially seeing as he's been the breakout star of the otherwise so-so second season of the show. And for all your dislike of the dude, he's an obvious fan fave. Just look at the results from our Gleek round of Ditch, Do or Marry: Not only was Darren voted marriage material, but he was also most doable and least ditchable. You can't argue with numbers.

Dear Ted:
Me-Me Dallas
or Tobey Yum-Yum are still two of my favorite Vicers. Since I don't think they have been up to anything Vicey together lately, have either of them been Vicing it up on their own?

Dear Me-Me Miss You:
Oh how I long for a Me-Me and Tobey reunion. They truly Viced best with each other. But that's a thing of the past, and while they've certainly toned down their extracurricular sexcapades, neither of these two infamous Blind Vice stars have changed their stripes.

Dear Ted:
Are Jennifer Hudson and her baby daddy still together, or have they quietly called it quits? Also, how are things with Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Do either of them have a B.V. yet?

Dear No and No:
Jenny's hubby, David Otunga, was just out on the town last week gushing about how happy the wedded duo (and their kiddo too) are, so I'd say they're very much still a couple. And he's a WWE wrestler now, so quite the eclectic couple, to boot! As for Queen B and her hubby, their only Vices are the occasional Top 40 dud.

Dear Ted:
Are Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream the very sexy Matt Bomer and Hunter Parrish?

Dear Paired Up:
No, but I wish they were. Matt Bomer is absolutely gorgeous, and Hunter ain't too shabby either. In fact, think a bit less attractive (but not too much) and maybe you'll pinpoint JJO and DDD.

Dear Ted:
I am in love with Kristin Bauer Van Straten (True Blood's Pam) as an actress and activist! She is a huge advocate for IFAW's whale campaign and last month took part in a concert to benefit dog and cat rescue. Thank you for using your status to encourage and empower people to do positive things!

Dear Puppy Love:
Ditto, Carrie! KBvS is one of our fave parts of True Blood (we live for how deliciously be-yotchy Pam is on a weekly basis), but we like the babe even more for using her Twitter to constantly pimp do-gooder biz. Especially when it's for our four-legged friends. And you'll be happy to know that Kristin is even nicer in person.

Dear Ted:
How are things with Michael Vartan? I see he is in the new movie Colombiana with Zoe Saldana. How is his marriage going?

Dear Checkup:
While Vartan keeps is private life private, his marriage is a sound one. He's been burned by H'wood romance in the past though, so I'm not shocked he's keeping his wifey out of the public eye as much as possible.

Dear Ted:
You said Hildago Van Buren was shocked to learn that his suitor was interested in men. What I'd like to know is: Were you shocked? Was this so far under the radar that even those of you in-the-know didn't see it coming? I'm wondering if this person earned a B.V. moniker for guy-lovin' behavior or if it was something else in his Vicey past.

Dear Bang the Buren:
I was not shocked at all.

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