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There are three things you need to know about MTV's Awkward.

No. 1: The network announced that it is picking up the comedy series for a second season. To this we say: Huzzah!

No. 2: Last Tuesday's episode scored the series its highest ratings yet. To this we say: If you aren't watching, we will peer pressure the crap out of you until you do.

No. 3: There's no need for us to "DTR" (Define The Relationship, duh!) with the show. Hey, when you know, you know. We are in love with Awkward. and we don't care who knows it!

Now that you are equipped with all of those very important facts, you can now learn about the rest of the season from star Ashley Rickard. And yes, she does go into detail about the Matty-Jake love triangle dibacle...

If you are a fan of the show, you probably know the question we were most excited to ask Ashley: Team Matty (Beau Mirchoff) or Team Jake (Brett Davern)?! Ashley says she's "Team Switzerland" when it comes to that hot guy face-off, but explains Jenna's feelings for Matty and Jake are a bit more complicated.

"There's aspects to both of them that make them so different. Jake's really easy to talk to; it's a very sort of emotional relationship," she says. "And Matty, it's like a chemical reaction, that she just needs him. Logically, it doesn't make sense, but it's almost as if that's what her heart is telling her to do.  You'll definitely see more of that love triangle."

Ashley Rickards, Awkward


But will we see a resolve in the love triangle by the end of the first season? With only seven episodes left (is it sad that we're already missing it?), Ashley says fans should prepare for some shocking revelations . "You will see Jenna struggle very, very much with that [decision] and she's going to find out things that nobody would have expected ever in a million years," she teases. "She has to figure out if she wants to follow her head or her heart. She really needs to just make a choice. You'll see her make plenty of choices."

One of those choices, Ashley says, is going to shock all but one percent of the show's viewership. "There's an episode coming up in which she gets in way over her head, makes a very big mistake and does something I think 99 percent of the people wouldn't have thought she was capable of doing." Color us intrigued!

In tonight's episode, we'll see Jenna on "the edge of sanity" when she spots Matty with another girl at school. Could she be the reason Matty didn't want to "DTR" with Jenna?

"That is the source of a major insecurity for Jenna. They're not really sure where they are in the relationship. Matty doesn't want to date her. Who is this girl? Matty's been acting weird lately. She's trying to fit all the pieces together," Ashley explains. "It's definitely Jenna sort of letting her emotions control her instead of stepping back and looking at the big picture like she normally does."

Here's an exclusive clip from tonight's episode, in which an admirer/possible stalker starts selling "Jenna Lives" t-shirts. Hilarity ensues.(Word of advice? Don't drink any beverages while watching this clip. We speak from experience.

So let 'er rip Awkward. fans! Are you Team Matty or Team Jake?  Sound off in the comments!

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