Forget sexy, we'd have been happy to see Justin Timberlake bring back any vestiges of his former career—you know, the one where he wore more trilbys than tuxes, was eager to show off his falsetto in places outside of bimonthly Omeletteville sketches on Saturday Night Live, and was more likely to be seen on the red carpet for the Grammys than the Oscars.

Well, it looks like our prayers have been (somewhat) answered. Ladies and gentleman, we give you a new track from Mr. J.T. himself.

Um, kind of.

After near-constant deflection in press conferences, junkets and on the red carpet for his blossoming movie career, about when he might return to the music scene and give the people another solo album, Timberlake did his best to placate the masses yesterday, tweeting out a simple and long-awaited message:

"New music…if you like it pass it along."

The tweet included a link to a music video, though sadly it wasn't exactly a Timberlake tune.

Instead, it was for FreeSol's "Hoodies On, Hats Low." So what's the connection? Well, in addition to directing and making a cameo in the video, the group is signed to Justin's Tennman record label.

Recognizable—but only just—in the vid, Justin dons sunglasses, a hoodie and a hat for maximum visage obscuration. However, he readily joins in in the video, which pays homage to his hometown of Memphis by showing plenty of local landmarks, with the occasional dance move, alley strut, dude hang and, when he's feeling particularly generous, singing along to the backing chorus.

It's not much, but we'll take what we can get.

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