Calling Charlie Sheen's old goddesses! We might have new work for you. (OK, not really. We hope.)

On tonight's episode of Lopez Tonight, funnyman George Lopez addressed the fact that TBS decided not to bring the late-night show back for a third season, and he did it with class and dignity.

And jokes.

What do you expect? He's a comedian!

We're sure George is upset about the situation, but with only two more episodes (make that one after tonight), he couldn't be a downer throughout the show, so he did what he does best.

He opened the show by breaking the news to those who haven't been informed (in case they were living under a rock for the day), and of course everyone booed. 

Then, Lopez makes a crack at unemployment rates, specifically how Latinos that are affected by it, before answering the question everybody is dying to know, "What's he going to do now?!"

Aside from being signed on to a Smurfs sequel, he says, "Like every TV star before me, I'mma find some crack. I'mma get on the pipe! Lose that unwanted 110 pounds I wanted to lose. But I'm taking it good, I'm straight, believe me. I'm fine. My goddesses are a wreck.."

Aside from the tube, celebs have turned to Twitter to give the comic their support.

"so sorry to hear of your cancellation—you are great!" Roseanne Barr said.

Angie Harmon, who was supposed to be a guest on next Monday's show, was especially disappointed, "I'm BUMMED!! I was looking forward to doing your show on Monday!! :("

canceling show is not funny! I guess now we have to do a sitcom together George! It's on!" Niecy Nash tweeted.

Ever the gentleman, Lopez tweeted back, "Thanks for all your message's and support...Have a great night everybody!"

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