Gwyneth Paltrow

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

And you wonder why we get annoyed with Gwyneth Paltrow so easily.

The actress is featured in September's Elle Decor in an article which lists the 12 things she can't live without, and while most of us would say "air," her items are a little more...hmmm, how should we put this...diva-ish?

Some things, like seasonal flowers and specific art pieces, we can understand. Other things, like a religion shelf and Himalayan bath salts, we might raise an eyebrow to.

But the best on her list, the one that made us sigh and say, "Oh, Gwynnie. Here you go again," was No. 7 on her list: an Antonio Lupi Baia tub.

Why is a bathtub such a big deal, you ask? Well, it's not—if it was in the bathroom!

But you know Paltrow doesn't roll like that.

"It's in the middle of my bedroom—perfect for a relaxing wind-down and for bathing the kids," she tells the mag.


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