Justin Bieber

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Dear Ted:
My two young sons are huge fans of Justin Bieber, but I've heard some not-so-nice things about his attitude since he became famous. I was wondering about his rumored bratty behavior. Has he turned into a diva, or is he still a good role model?

Dear Never Say Never:
Sure, Biebs has a bit of a ‘tude, but if you're a concerned mama, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Better he being throwing the occasional teen temper tantrum than half the crap other Hollywood stars get into. Justin is a somewhat innocent dude, even if he wants so badly for you to think otherwise.

Dear Ted:
Is Hildago Van Buren hunky Hugh Jackman? And is the person who propositioned him Taylor Launtner or maybe Joe Jonas?

Dear (Sorta) Far Off:
Not quite, P. Interesting guesses, sure, but Hildago is an out-and-proud gay man, whereas Hugh isn't. And as for the suitors, your guesses aren't terrible, but neither are they on the money. Think slightly older but just as swoon-worthy.

Dear Ted:
Has Lindsay Lohan lost her role in the upcoming Gotti movie? On a completely different note, has Morgan Mayhem been offered that A-list job you mentioned? If not, is she still being considered?

Dear LiLo in Stiches:
Producers for the picture are staying mum when it comes to Linds, but I wouldn't be surprised if the whole sitch doesn't work out. Movie deals have a way of coming and going as frequently as L falls out of T-town clubs, which is, uh, a lot. As for Morgs, she's still in the running for her pic, but it's not looking great either. Totally different big screen projects, BTW.

Dear Ted:
I think you are confused. Eric and Sookie had more sex during the last True Blood episode, but it was not hotter sex! I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to wait a season or two for Bill and Sookie to heat up the screen again. In the meantime, I am shifting my energies—I'm hoping to see some hot loving from that smoking-hot Jessica and the dim-witted, yet very sexy Jason. Now I'm sounding like a crazy person who thinks these characters are real. I'm off to volunteer at the animal shelter (for real!), and I will not think about werepanthers, shape shifters, werewolves or vampires. Just kitties. Sweet kitties.

Dear Fangbanger:
We'll just have to agree to disagree then, doll, ‘cause I'm lovin' all the action between Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård. That said, I'm more torn on Jess and Jason. While they certainly make an über-attractive couple, I love me some Hoyt. Guess you'll just have to convince me otherwise, Arls.

Dear Ted:
Since Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have been on a good path since getting back together, do you think they will get married?

Dear LOL:
That's hilarious, babe! The on-again, off-again couple may continue their cuddlefest, but this relaysh is hardly destined for the altar. And I'd put good money on that.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Oded Good-Head? Is he still spewing his disgusting bigotry on Twitter, or has he toned it down? Any chances of him coming out of the closet anytime soon?

Dear Heads Up:
Please, L, I unfollowed Oded on Twitter like forever ago. It was just pathetic. But I'm sure he still is. A tiger doesn't change his stripes, and Mr. Good-Head won't change his dude-lovin' (closeted) douchey ways. As for coming, out? Never!

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