TV reboots are good. Provided the right show is rebooted, that is.

The wrong show to reboot is the one that's perfect as it was—like Bewitched, which CBS is sizing up for a do over. (The network has ordered a script, a source confirms to E! News.)

As for the right show to reboot? That's the one that was far from perfect, the one that could benefit from a fresh approach—like these ones: 

1. Fame: The proposal here is to reboot the reboots—the Melrose Place-y Fame L.A., the American Idol-y reality-competition series, the 2009 theatrical remake with the posters that looked like Coke ads. Go back to the small screen, go back to the storylines that could be resolved in single, heartfelt hours, and, most of all, go back and be the sincere Glee before there was the cheeky Glee.

2. (The Never-Was) Wonder Woman: So, apparently, the David E. Kelley pilot was all loopy and stuff. So, obviously, NBC didn't see it working as a series. So, don't give up now. The superhero genre needs the right kind of loopy like Batman needs the right kind of antidepressant.

3. Living Lohan: In the new-and-improved family reality series, Mom and Dad are at peace, the kids are all right, and some sort of missionary work is involved.

4. Star Trek: Enterprise: The idea of doing a retro Trek is a great one, so let's actually see a retro Trek. This muted series felt like more of the same, rather than a swingin', Pan Am-style take on the Federation. Also, next time out, leave the Diane Warren ballads, however lovely, to Cher

5. Battle of the Network Stars: Unlike the above examples, this show was perfect. So, no, a reboot is not needed to right past wrongs; a reboot is needed to bring joy into our lives now. You show us Jennifer (American Idol) Lopez on the obstacle course against Kathy (Harry's Law) Bates, and we'll show you a happy TV nation.  

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