Kim's Wedding Tile

Kris Jenner has been the mother of the bride before, but—no offense to Khloé Kardashian Odom—the spotlight has never been brighter.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch sat down with E! News Tuesday for a chat about daughter Kim Kardashian's upcoming nuptial blowout (surely Aug. 20 has a heart around it on your calendars already), whether or not Kim's being a bridezilla and her fear about what's going to happen after the wedding.

When complimented on Kim's lavish, arrived-in-a-box-via-FedEx wedding invitation, Jenner agreed about how beautiful it is.

"It made me cry, the first time I saw it," she admitted. But obviously, the invite was only the tip of the planning iceberg!

"I probably am," Jenner divulged in a chat at her Calabasas home when asked whether she was being a "momzilla" when it came to planning the other Wedding of the Year. "It's my daughter's wedding, why not?"

But, Jenner insisted, Kim is not being a bridezilla.

"Kim is perfection," the proud mom said. "Kim goes with the flow. She's one of those people who, she knows what she wants and she knows what she loves, so she just goes with her heart."

And speaks her mind, apparently.

Although Jenner, 55, already looked ultra-fab for a mother of six, not to mention a woman of a certain age in general, she told us that Kim used to tease her about her "gobble-gobble," hence her decision to go under the knife for some neck-tightening.

"So it's not Thanksgiving anymore, as my hairdresser would say!" Jenner joked. But "nothing else changed."

In the meantime, Kim and fiancé Kris Humphries are "both happy, and we're obviously really busy," Jenner said.

Of course, we wanted to know: Busy with what, exactly? For instance, is Justin Bieber really on the guest list?

"I can't tell you!" Jenner scolded E! News' Ken Baker. "If I tell you that, I'd have to kill you, and that would be ugly!"

All right, then. Did they really invite 1,000 people?

"I can't tell you that, either!

"I think it's going to be one of those things," Jenner said, "where there's so much build-up and so much work to do—and so many surprises that I can't even talk about that are going on, surprises for him, surprises for her...It's going to be fantastic and I can't wait till the party.

"But I think afterwards, you know they say you get that letdown? I'm thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, what are we going to do when it's over?'"

Somehow, we feel that she and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan will have no trouble staying occupied.

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