Chord Overstreet

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Dear Ted:
Okay so I was wondering if Chord Overstreet and his beautiful lips have some sour feelings towards Darren Criss? At the Teen Choice awards when Glee got their award, Chord rolled his eyes and kept whispering to Cory Monteith and Harry Shum Jr. I couldn't tell if he was annoyed Darren was talking, but nonetheless it's rude to stand up there and do anything but smile…What's his deal, Ted?

Dear Divine MissM:
Wouldn't really blame the blond babe if he were P.O.'ed at the whole Glee group, tho' the only person he should have any bad feelings toward is head honcho Ryan Murphy. And I do think you're reading into this a bit, M. Chord doesn't have any bad feelings with Darren. At least, nothing worth mentioning—but trust, there's tons of other drama going on behind the scenes to fill the void.

Dear Ted:
So, what do you think about George Clooney and Stacy Keibler hookup (if it is real)? Are they an item or is just PR? When news broke, an "insider" said this fling was purely fun. But things seemed to have changed; the next day the story was they are exclusive at this point. What do your real and trustworthy sources say?

Dear Cloobler:
I hear there's plenty cause for suspish on this one. If there was a hookup (which I still doubt), methinks it was mighty quick and not recently. Stacy isn't exactly Georgey's usual type and definitely won't last ‘til his next trip to Como. That said, Bachelor George is still on the market in my book, as fabulous as Cloobler may sound.

Dear Ted:
I take it back: Sookie and Eric have great-in-all-sorts-of-positions sex! I am reviewing my comment in regards to the lack of passion between Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård. You were right to ask us to be patient, for it did get better! Now forgive my dirty mind, but that kind of chemistry is bound to create some real-life drama on set, wouldn't you say? For now I can say: Mr. Skarsgard, I give you a mind-blowing A. Why A? Well of course I am still waiting for the full Monty to upgrade to A+.

Dear 4.0 GPA:
I'll refrain from telling you "told ya so!" And guess what? It's only gonna get better, doll. As for off-screen snuggle-fests, Stephen Moyer's cool about Anna snogging Alex onscreen. But as for offscreen, this duo is totally tradish with their marriage. No extra players. So un-Hollywood.

Dear Ted:
Does Robert Pattinson think Kristen Stewart's Blind Vice is sexy or badass? I'm thinking Kristen is Morgan Mayhem.
—Sexy Legs

Dear Morgan Wishes:
Oh, doll, K.Stew's got her shiz together much more than Morgan does. Case in point: M's career is nil right now (thanks in large part to her shenanigans and in little part to her debatable acting skills), whereas Kristen's is booming. As for whether Rob digs the Vice or not? Sure. It definitely doesn't bother him.

Dear Ted:
After reading your Blind Vice about Cruella St. Shackles driving her latest man to extremes, I instantly thought Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, so I was a little disappointed when I read they were married. But can you tell me was I right in thinking this was similar to them?

Dear No Cigar:
Think bigger careers and a little bit more publicly tame. Plus, Sienna is a breeze compared to Cruella!

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