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    The Hunger Games Sequel Gets a Release Date! But It's So Far Away!

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    The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence
    The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence Murray Close/Lionsgate

    Fans of The Hunger Games, listen up! 'Cause we have some exciting news about our beloved Katniss and her band of loyal followers.

    Even though the original tributes are still in the arena (literally, the first movie in the franchise hasn't even finished filming), the company behind the mucho-anticipated series today announced the release date for the sequel, based on Catching Fire.

    Talk about getting ahead of yourself! So when in the future is this yet un-filmed flick going to be released to the masses?

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    A very long time from now, sorry to say. Nov. 22, 2013, to be exact.

    With the announcement so early on, we were hoping it'd be released a little earlier—especially since the first film isn't due to be released for another eight months.

    But no, Lionsgate has given us another date two and a half years from now to wait patiently for. Start counting, Jabberjays.

    Guess the torturously lengthy year and a half break between stints in Panem will give stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth a chance to work on some side gigs, but for the fans the wait is going to be more brutal than being in the deadly Hunger Games themselves.

    All we have to say is, there better be some Robsten-style off-screen hook-ups to satisfy us in the meantime.

    And with that hot batch of tributes? So much potential!

    But whatever, at least we have some new pics from the flick to keep us occupied for a nano-second. So the most important question of the day: Doesn't Peeta, blood and dirt included, look sexy in the arena?

    Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson Murray Close/Lionsgate
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