Justin Timberlake, Bodyguard

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We here at The Awful Truth don't get shocked very often.

But diggin' through your comments of the last few items concerning Justin Timberlake's snafu with the paparazzi in London surprised us—and left us downright pissed, to be frank. ‘Cause after telling you that J.T.'s bodyguard allegedly beat up a photog and got arrested for it, most of you expressed a similar sentiment:

Who gives an ef? They deserve it!

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Yep, a bunch of you seemed to think that, not only is it OK to beat down an occasional paparazzi or two, but that it's actually a good thing.

Reader Really Psyched wrote, "The paparazzo probably deserved it. More power to JT's bodyguard," while another commenter, Metal70s, took it even further, saying, "It should always be Open Season on paparazzi…Sheesh! They make you wanna go outside to scrape the bottom of your shoes off, no?"

Uh, what the hell?

Others weren't quite as gung ho but definitely felt like we should drop the issue or that there might not have even been an issue at all (if you really peeped those pics and thought the bodyguard was helping the paparazzo, you're fit for the looney bin).

Sure, the paps may be pesky and sometimes downright repulsive (trust, I've seen the worst of the worst when it comes to stalkerazzi shenanigans), but that doesn't mean stars' security has the right to pummel ‘em.

And for those of you who think they should, well, where the hell do you think all those pretty pics of stars out and about come from? You can't buy into the tabloid culture and then wish violence upon the working folks who deliver it to ya.

But, then, of course you could—and you'd be wanting it both ways, so you're perfect for Hollywood!

So what do you think, do paparazzi deserve to get badly treated, or is it totally wrong?

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