Five episodes, 90210 fans. That's all the time you have left with Trevor Donovan as Teddy Montgomery. Go on, we'll give you a moment to collect yourselves.

To say we were upset when the news broke that Donovan would be exiting the CW series is like saying Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is the worst friend in the history of television. Obvious statement is obvious. Obviously. Teddy's well-executed coming out was easily the highlight of the soap's third season. In fact, we dare say it was one of the most thoughtful coming out stories ever on television. Oh yes, we went there...and we bought property.

So what gives? Why is our precious Teddy leaving us after such a breakout season? Here's what Donovan told us when we caught up with him at the Television Critics Association summer press tour party…

"The story was received so well last year. They did it so intelligently, but I think they didn't want to drag it on and have it kind of fizzle out. They wanted to leave an impact," he explains to us. "It was a storyline that was a positive message and helped people so much, they didn't want to take away from that. They wanted to leave on that high note. I couldn't be more proud of representing that."

OK, OK. I guess we can understand that...

Nope, we lied. (Bitter, party of one!)

While "nothing is guaranteed," Donovan tells us that the "word from the bird" is he'll appear in five episodes and thinks they'll be "scattered throughout the first half of the season." And sorry fans, Teddy's love life will be sitting the bench this upcoming season. "He was played last season," Donovan jokes. "Poor Teddy!"

"I don't know for sure, but I think it's going to go in a little different direction," he continues. "I think they're going to focus on [him] still coming out, you know, a little bit of family issues and things."

Fret not, Teddy fans! Donovan reveals that there is one relationship of his alter ego's that will be focused on in season four: his friendship with ex-girlfriend Silver (Jessica Stroup). To this we say: huzzah!

"We still got more of that. That is one teaser I'll give you because that is something I'm very happy about it," he says. "I think our friendship scenes are great. We both agree on it and we love doing those scenes together. We'll see more of that."

When we informed him that we were just one of many upset over his departure, Donovan was ever so humble. "I'm glad people are upset that I'm leaving," he says. "The fan reaction has been great. I just hope they follow me into my other endeavors."

Donovan's other endeavors include a role in Oliver Stone's upcoming flick Savages alongside fellow CW star Blake Lively and a potential part in the live-action Barbie film. We think you can guess which part he's up for. (Spoiler Alert for those that are blind or have never played with Barbies: It's Ken!) While he wouldn't confirm anything, Donovan simply tells us he would love to take on the "iconic role."

90210 fans, we shall now open up the floor for comments on Trevor's departure.!

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