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    Blind Vice: Cruella Drives Her Latest Man to Extremes!

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    Poor Marky Sweet-Puss. He's sweet no more.

    But anybody who knows anything about Cruella St. Shackles, Marky's super-evil missus, knew that it was probably only a matter of time before Marky's aw-shucks demeanor bit the dust.

    I mean, how can you possibly stay genuine and good-hearted with a woman who...

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    Is so anal she has her dietician/cook/slave place Post-Its on Tupperware containers of precooked meals in the fridge, each yellow note with the precise number of calories in each dish. And if a meal goes even one calorie over Cruella's trainer/workout partner/slave's suggested limit, then that kitchen is not a pretty place to be...for a long time.

    So, imagine what it's like for Marky, who really was just a TV-dinner kinda guy before he hooked up with Cruella, in the bedroom with this exacting broad! Suffice it to say, it hasn't been easy. Nor in any other room of the house, for that matter.

    As Marky's friend's put it: "He is so controlled by [Cruella], it's a wonder she lets him take a s--t."

    And the sad result of all this totally brain-screwing domestic hovering is that Marky has begun losing his temper, both in front of Cruella, and not. Some folks are wrongly wondering if Sweet-Puss (who used to have a problem with drugs) isn't using again? Seems to always be on edge, ya know?

    Hardly. It's all about being treated like a little husband/servant/roach at home. Fetching this, doing that, minding whatever—all for the insatiable, power-crazy St. Shackles.

    "The temper thing's getting out of control," said one Sweet-Puss confidant. "I can only imagine what he's having to put up with."

    Let's just hope Marky doesn't start using again and instead decides to ditch the doomed marriage first!

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