Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, Sarah Palin

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images; Sean Gallup/Getty Images; Steve Fenn/ABC

In honor of our swanky prez's milestone birthday (the big five-oh!), we thought it only fitting to put his salt ‘n' peppa good looks to the real test. We rounded up those government lackeys who still look hot even over the hill (and no, we're not talkin' Capitol Hill).

So, which lucky lawmakers have been nominated for this politically erect round of Ditch, Do or Marry?

Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and, of course, the birthday boy himself, Barack Obama!

Poor Hil's always gotten some smack for how she looks in public (hair clips aren't a crime, peeps). But love her or hate her, the current secretary of state knows how to rock the colored pantsuit. And you've gotta admire her strength in the face of controversy—and we don't just mean political biz (you remember her hump-happy husband, Bill, doncha?).

Next up is former Alaska governor and Russia watch-woman Sarah Palin, who's mastered the art of government glamour. This mama grizzly knows how to make a rifle look good and isn't afraid to get a little sexy for her electoral voters. Of course, hitching up with this gal might mean moving to Wasilla, but they've got plenty of wine coolers in the snowy city.

As for the current head honcho of the U.S. of A, Obama knows his way around words and could probably woo us into oblivion with one of his eloquent speeches. And he always looks sharp in a suit to boot. Not to mention the now 50-year-old prez doesn't look a day over 35—how else do you think he landed a babe like Michelle? You've still got it, Mr. President!

So it's up to you, A.T. voters! Which pretty politician would you elect into your Oval Office and which would you scratch off your ticket?

Star-Spangled Sexy: Who Would You Ditch, Do or Marry?
Ditch: Which politician would you kick to the curb?
Do: Which politician would you not be able to keep your hands off of?
Marry: Which politician would you lovingly call your old ball and chain?
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