Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins

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Dear Ted:
Lily Collins
surely made her presence known in Baton Rouge with Taylor Lautner while he was filming Breaking Dawn, and in Vancouver as well. Now she's been filming Relativity's Snow White in Montreal since June. Has Taylor gone to visit her at all?

Dear Snapped On Set:
Dontcha think you'd have seen some pics of Tay palling around the set by now if he had? ‘Cause you would have. In fact, I am actually surprised that he hasn't made the trek up to Canada to flirt with his leading lady seeing as the movie they costarred in (Abduction) hits theatres in just a couple of months. Oh well, I have no doubt these two will totally get their cute on when they hit the red carpets for their flicks.

Dear Ted:
I am a huge fan of Zac Efron's and was wondering what his relationship is like with Corbin Bleu now that Zac's practically A-list? He obviously dated Vanessa Hudgens after HSM and is still friends with Ashley Tisdale, but what about Corbin?

Dear Bromance:
Don't worry, L, these two are still tight. Like, visit the strip clubs together tight. And isn't that the ultimate bond for two bros? Believe it or not, Zacky isn't really the H'wood type who lets fame go to his head. He's way more laid-back than most of his High School peers.

Dear Ted:
Who would you consider more down-to-earth: Robert Pattinson or Ryan Gosling?

Dear Solid Ground:
That's a tough one, babe, but I'd have to go with R.Pattz. Simply because even with all the omnipresent paparazzi, fame and riches that accompany his vampy success, he's still a pretty relaxed dude. Neither guy gets too divalicious though, except for the occasional celeb fit. But who doesn't have one of those from time to time?

Dear Ted:
So I was thinking about Glee, which I do frequently. Do you think they'll bring back Idina Menzel? I was thinking the story line could be something like Rachel needs something, but the only person she'd be able to ask would be her mother. Quinn could be there for her, and they head over to Rachel's mom, and, boom, random baby named Beth. That would be a Glee dream come true. Do you think it is a plausible Glee dream?
—Mrs. M

Dear Ryan Murphy Wannabe:
You do think about Glee a lot, doll. So I'm happy to tell you that mama Berry will be heading back to McKinley High, and hopefully this time she won't be trapped in some über-muddled storyline (or worse, end up singing another creepy "Poker Face" duet with her TV daughter). As for whether your pitch will end up on air, well, your guess is as good as anybody's right now.

Dear Ted:
Alexander Skarsgård
on True Blood steals every scenes he's in, and you'd think Alan Ball would want to put as much of him on screen as possible; however, his minutes on the show are always limited. Instead, vampire Bill continues to stick around even though in the books he's at best a supporting character. Could the real-life marriage between Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer be behinds this?

Dear Blue Balled:
The I do's definitely play a part in the onscreen romance, but not in the way you'd think. The twosome have such great chemistry (which is probably why they tied the knot in the first place) that viewers demanded more, more, more! Remember, Lafayette ends up six feet under in the books, but on the show he's still alive and kickin'—thanks to the fans. And though we're finally getting some Sookie-Eric lovin', Team Bill is hardly down for the count.

Dear Ted:
I just watched your Pissed List from the other week about the Olsen twins and I am so disappointed in you! How could you only mention that you were pissed about the style and colors of the bags without ever mentioning that they are made from poor animals that were slaughtered so those wealthy girls can make even more money? I now question your animal rights activism. To set my mind at ease, can you help me out with Debbie Doobie? Is she an activist for any good causes?

Dear Bag Ladies:
The Olsens' bags were as bad as their animal awareness message, which sucks, I agree. And Debbie just sucks on reefer, no charity work for her!

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