Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood, Regis and Kelly


Sorry, Kate Bosworth.

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgård wants to get naked with another gal these days—morning talk show host cutie-pie Kelly Ripa.

Oh, yeah, and Regis Philbin, too...

The vampire hottie got fresh and friendly during an appearance on Regis & Kelly earlier today when Ripa asked if he ever gets nervous about shedding his clothes for the camera.

"I'm from Sweden," Skarsgård dead-panned. "We don't wear clothes in Sweden. Can't you tell how uncomfortable I am [with clothes on]?"

He continued, "Let's get naked! Let's get naked."

"We won't mind," Ripa laughed. "I'll hold your jacket if you want."

"I'll hold your pants!" Philbin chimed in.

Sadly, no clothes were shed. Maybe next time.

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