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    So True? So False? Did Jennifer Lopez Bump Lindsay Lohan Off the Cover of Vanity Fair?!

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    **Jennifer Lopez, Vanity Fair Cover
    **Jennifer Lopez, Vanity Fair Cover Mario Testino, exclusively for Vanity Fair
    So True So False, STSF

    Not that we really expected any different, but Lindsay Lohan's comeback trail is not without its bumps.

    The latest hitch? Back in June, a still house-arrested LiLo was shot by Vanity Fair, ostensibly with the promise that she and her latest sob story tale of recovery would make for some delicious fodder for the cover.

    Cut to the magazine's reveal this week, when in lieu of Lohan's freckled mug, the world was greeted by a smoldering (and, of course, single) Jennifer Lopez. Naturally, it didn't take long for the media to point out (and revel in) the supposed snub.

    So…did LiLo really get the boot in order for the mag to tell J.Lo's divorce confessional? Don't cancel that subscription just yet, because this rumor is…

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    So false!

    Not that it couldn't happen. It just didn't.

    Lindsay Lohan, Vanity Fair Alan Gelati/Vanity Fair

    And it turns out, the faulty groundwork for this particular rumor was laid by the New York Post (who, in fairness, has since amended their report, though the initial unquestioning reporting is still viewable).

    A publicist for Vanity Fair tells E! News that Lohan was "never going to be on our September cover. Page Six got us mixed up with Italian Vanity Fair."

    Indeed, Lindsay did appear on the cover of the Italian edition of Graydon Carter's magazine just last month, in which she discussed, briefly, her thoughts on jail, and her plan to begin resuming work this October.

    Though the jury's still out on that last one.

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    VIDEO: See Jennifer Lopez open up about her split!



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