Mike Malin, Lonnie Moore, Famous Food

Michael Collopy

So True So False, STSF

Mixing business and pleasure is a well-established no-no. So you can only imagine how frowned upon it is to pay for some scintillating pleasure with money allegedly siphoned off from said business.

But that's exactly the accusation facing former Big Brother champ Mike "Boogie" Malin and his fellow reality star (and business partner) Lonnie Moore, who are being targeted by a third business partner for allegedly misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars from their Geisha House restaurant group.

So far, so standard, right? Well, here's where it gets crazy: word spread today that this was no run-of-the-mill siphoning, and that the duo allegedly used the ill-gotten money to pay for "multiple sexual encounters with various older men," travel around the world and various other aspects of their supposed "lavish party-boy lifestyles."

But is it true? Were the reality stars really sued for playing out their fetish fantasies on the company's dime? This rumor is…

So true! And so crazy!

The woman behind the accusations is fellow Geisha House restaurant group partner Shereene Arazm.

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, she claims the duo consistently stole from the company and, to add insult to injury, used the money for illicit purposes.

"They gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars that never belonged to them, they used some of the stolen monies to pay for sex, and they traveled the world at Arazm's and the restaurant group's expense."

It only got more detailed from there, with Arazm claiming that the men had "multiple sexual encounters with various older men during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies."

Meanwhile, Malin, currently starring alongside Moore on Famous Food, preemptively denied the allegations, filing a lawsuit of his own on Tuesday, claiming Arazm was trying to extort him. He claims that he received a copy of her then-unfiled complaint from her superstar attorney Marty Singer last week, and was warned that he could either pay up then, and save himself some time, trouble and embarrassment, or that the accusations would be publicly aired.

He claims that the options laid out in front of him constitute civil extortion. Not only that (yes, there's still more) but Malin claims that Singer and Arazm took a page out of Rupert Murdoch's book and had people hack into his emails and phone.

Both sides are seeking damages in the millions.

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