LeAnn Rimes, Gary Busey

Aspahan / AKM Images.net

What is it about this week and celebrity odd couples?

This time around, it's LeAnn Rimes and none other than Gary Busey who caught us off guard, when cameras spotted this bizarre (both together and in their own respective rights) duo palling around in Malibu yesterday.

So what's the deal on these secret friends?

No secret. And—as far as we can tell—no real friendship. Abiding by the universal law of two celebrities being forced to acknowledge each other when appearing in the same place at the same time, these two simply ran into each other while shopping with their families (and respective trailing paparazzi) at the Malibu Country Mart.

LeAnn had Mason and Jake, her two stepsons with Eddie Cibrian, in tow, while Busey's entourage included his girlfriend, Steffanie Sampson, and their 1-year-old son, Luke.

The families had a quick chat (oh, to be a fly on that metaphorical wall) before going their separate ways.

We're guessing hightailing it to Chicago just got a little more appealing.

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