The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Katherine

Fame Pictures

What's this? Two new shots of Kate Middleton in the same week and all without another royal wedding or major international state visit on the horizon? Oh, how you spoil us, duchess!

Fresh off her much-photographed trip to the grocery store (Kellogg's cereal poking through the cart? Royals really are just like us commoners!), Kate and Prince William were caught strolling hand-in-hand (aww!) around Edinburgh's Holyrood Park yesterday, just days after attending the wedding of Wills' cousin Zara Phillips.

But is it just us, or does this couple seem to be forging their own relationship-sustaining motto: the couple that dresses together, stays together?

For the stroll around the royal Scottish grounds, the couple kept it casual…and, er, quite similar.

While Will donned khakis, sneakers and his glasses for the stroll around the green, Kate ditched the designer dresses and instead headed out in skinny jeans and sneakers of her own (more or less the same outfit, eagle-eyed fashionistas will note, that she wore to the grocery store later that day). But here's where it gets cute: whether planned or coincidence, both apparently opted for a regal hue up top, wearing nearly matching purple cable-knit sweaters with their crisp white collars popping out on top.

Great minds, as they say. And the closets aren't too shabby, either.

They may be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but clearly they're the reigning King and Queen of Prep.

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