It will be a cold day in Hell(mouth) before Buffy the Vampire Slayer's stars endorse a movie remake without its mastermind, Joss Whedon.

Like his costar Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy alum Anthony Head (Watcher Rupert Giles) is returning to broadcast TV this fall, and we asked him about the happy coincidence after the TCA Summer Press Tour panel for his new series, Free Agents.

Unlike his promising NBC show—an American reboot of his British sitcom—the Buffy reboot is definitely doomed. At least that's what Giles would say.

His alter ego doesn't mince words either: "It's a hideous idea," Anthony told us about the Vampire Slayer film project.

"[Joss] wasn't asked [to do the movie]—in fact, I think they went to great lengths not to ask him. It's a hideous idea.

"I think ultimately he had the idea when he was 19, took it around Hollywood and two people said, 'I'll make your movie.' They changed the original concept…I'm very glad they've done very well with it since, all power to them, but I don't think [you can take] someone's concept and say, 'Actually we're going to remake our concept of somebody else's concept.'

"It's nonsense," Anthony concluded, laughing, "Not that I feel strongly about it."

Anthony's return to the American airwaves coincides with the TV return of Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar on the CW's Ringer.

"It's extraordinary," Anthony told us about their semireunion. "It's cool." As for the rest of the Scooby gang, "It's nice to see everybody working," he said. "I keep in touch with everybody, we're still a distant family. It's gonna be nice being in L.A. and being able to see everybody.

"I just saw Joss at Comic-Con last week. Comic-Con is a bizarre world—it's nice feeling the love. Everywhere you walk, you feel the love."

What about you: Are you feeling the love for the TV returns of Anthony Head and Sarah Michelle Gellar? Hug it out in the comments—and watch Anthony get his Giles on for Kristin in our exclusive video from the TCA Summer Press Tour!  

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