Guess Who

Americans have long exercised the right to bare arms—and so, clearly, is this foreign A-lister who gave the world a free ticket to her own personal gun show while making the promotional rounds in New York this week.

Funny, we wouldn't normally think of this British beauty as a hard-bodied gym buff, but maybe her better half's rippling bod is rubbing off on her, too.

In any case, Madonna and Cameron Diaz just got some seriously stiff competition. So who's showing off her muscley limbs?

Rachel Weisz

It shouldn't really come as a surprise: the name's Bond. Mrs. Bond.

The arm-baring babe is none other than Rachel Weisz, who's out promoting The Whistleblower (and nope, that's not the one with new hubby Daniel Craig).

In any case, we're pretty sure those guns are gonna come in handy with all the press she's booked to do in the coming weeks. One look at those muscles tells us she's going to have zero problems swatting away any pesky questions about her suddenly scintillating personal life.

Good for her, bad for us. Ah well. At least we can enjoy the view.

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