Why settle for Sgt. Kyle Reese when this Terminator star can have the real thing?

Linda Hamilton's public plea to accompany a U.S. Marine to the upcoming Marine Corps ball in place of Betty White has been heeded.

E! News can exclusively confirm that active duty Sgt. Ray Lewis has agreed to take the erstwhile Sarah Connor to the October gala which marks the Corps' 236th birthday.

Hamilton, a good friend of the 89-year-old Golden Girl, stepped in with an offer to be Lewis' date after White unfortunately had to turn down his sweet invitation due to a prior commitment filming her TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

The 54-year-old thesp took to YouTube shortly thereafter offering herself up as consolation.

"Hi, Ray. My name is Linda Hamilton. I don't know if you know who I am, but rumor has it but you like your actresses vintage, so I thought I would just take a shot here and say, look, I know that I'm no Betty White, but I would be really really thrilled if you can't find anybody else to go to the ball with you."

While she admitted she's only "half as mature" as Betty, Hamilton was delighted to learn of the RSVP.

"They finally connected and she will be going with Sgt. Lewis to the U.S. Marine Corps Ball in October in Texas, and she is very happy about it," the actress' spokeswoman tells E!

Even better, she'll have some of her fellow film stars to mingle with as both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake earlier this month accepted highly publicized YouTube invitations made by two other Marines asking them to the ball (while Scarlett Johansson declined an invite, the incredibly honored actress is gracefully sending a case of Moët and Chandon).

Marines meanwhile are still waiting to hear back from the likes of Paul Walker, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Hayden Panettiere and even Will Ferrell to escort them to their respective balls.

Who's next, Sigourney Weaver? Tom Cruise?

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