Need a break from the current political climate? Well then how about we shift gears and focus on George Clooney's run for the White House with Ryan Gosling as his right-hand man?

With Clooney back in the director's chair, The Ides of March takes a peek behind the curtain of big-time politics and shows that even for the most well-intentioned, it isn't easy to hold on to your integrity.

Still riding the wave of his overconfident lady killer from Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gosling is political wunderkind Stephen Myers, a standout with ego and charm to spare...if not an overly naive view of how the political world works:

"Nothing bad happens when you're doing the right thing," he says. Candidate Mike Morris (Clooney) is amused and dryly replies: "Is that your personal theory? Because I can shoot holes in it."

With such wide-eyed beliefs early on, it's no surprise we see Ryan begin to buckle under the pressures of loyalty and back-room deals. And in the end, the one-time asset has morphed into the campaign's biggest enemy.

The Ides of March hits theaters Oct. 7. What do you think: Is this a candidate you can support?

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