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    Something Old, Something Ill-Timed: Bride-No-More Kristin Cavallari Models Wedding Dresses

    Kristin Cavallari Life & Style

    Timing is everything. Which is a lesson Kristin Cavallari is learning the hard (and unfortunately, unavoidably public) way.

    You see, last Thursday, Kristin was a happy, glowing bride-to-be who tried on a series of wedding dresses for a fun-filled photoshoot with Life & Style. Cut ahead to just four days later, when her engagement to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was suddenly kaput. And then jump, if you will, to today, when that horrendously ill-timed photo shoot was released.

    And to hear the tabloid's behind-the-scenes tale, it certainly sounds like the former Hills star didn't see this split coming…

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    Kristin Cavallari Life & Style

    While trying on various dresses for the magazine (the shoot is in the current issue, out now), including designs by Anne Bowen and Mon Cheri Bridals, Kristin reportedly couldn't stop gushing over her then-forthcoming nuptials.

    "I want a romantic, mystical wedding, with lots of flowers," she said at the July 21 shoot.

    Sure sounds like someone got blindsided to us—in fact, over the weekend, a source told E! News that it was indeed Jay who pulled the plug on the vow swap after getting "cold feet" and that Kristin was "stunned."

    At issue, apparently, was how Cavallari would balance her professional life while living in Chicago. The couple, who in another, lesser bout of bad timing also posted their wedding registry last week (and threw an engagement party), were together for 10 months. They announced their engagement in April.




    Kristin Cavallari Life & Style

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