Amy Winehouse


Dear Ted:
I'm confused as I read about the eulogy that Amy Winehouse's father gave at her funeral. How can he say that her recent months were among the happiest in her life? She was an absolute trainwreck waiting to happen for the past couple of years, and getting steadily worse in recent months! I recall watching some of the video that came out of her final performance a few weeks ago and shaking my head in disbelief that no one stood up and kept the poor woman from getting on stage. What am I missing?

Dear RIP:
I don't think you're missing anything. And I would chock it all up to Mitch Winehouse simply being an absolutely distraught father. It was, after all, a funeral and most people don't like to get into gritty subjects like that. Hope it helps him grieve a little easier.

Dear Ted:
Why does Mariah Carey's camp have to respond to you about an edited fan made clip? You really are slime. It's like people like you want to see her have another meltdown.

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Dear Slime Police:
Note to sanctimonious type: You mentioned the word "another," as if Carey's prior meltdowns were anything whatsoever to do with me. Get real. Also, the video is clearly not a fake or edited by fans. Adding to that, what "fan" of Mariah's would create a video that would show her in this light?

Dear Ted:
Why does Kellan Lutz keep getting movie roles? Yes, he's not the lead, but still! He's not a good actor! He's bad—like painful to watch. The same goes for Ashley Greene. She's lovely, but the girl can't act. Is there a reason behind it? It can't be their Twilight fame, because people don't really care about their characters.

Dear Questionable Talent:
It might just be because of their Twilight fame. Kellan and Ashley both are easily recognizable and they're not so bad on the eyes. Besides, how many actors or actresses in Hollywood can actually act nowadays?

Dear Ted:
What can you tell me about Nathan Fillion? Or even his lovely costar Stana Katic? I love the show Castle and don't know too much about their real lives. Got any dirt?
—C Fan

Dear CASTLE Fan:
The Castle crew generally likes to keep it clean, Nathan included, which is a shame—he's cute!

Dear Ted:
True or False: Debbie Doobie is Young Hollywood, but a veteran in the business (about half or more of her life has been in front of the cameras).

Dear Why Not Just Ask Her Name?

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