Keri Hilson, Twitter


Keri Hilson just learned the meaning of the words "too soon."

"You are a stupid bitch. No respect for the dead, just sad," wrote one enraged Twitter user in response to a twipic posted by the R&B singer, along with the tweet, "*gasp* Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance)."

But apparently no one was comforted or impressed by the Winehouse doppelgänger Hilson ran into at a party, especially considering the unidentified look-alike looked pretty out of it.

"Come on, I mean no harm. All due respect. But really the resemblance freaked me out. This was simply the best tribute ever. ," Hilson also tweeted.

An hour later, she had changed her tune.

"Bedtime," Hilson wrote. "I apologize 2 anyone who might've taken it the wrong way. As a fan, I thought it was cool that she dressed up to honor Amy..I had no ill intent, but I understand how it appears bad twitterville. For real. Good night :)"

Guess you gotta get right back up when Twitter knocks you down.

Meanwhile, the editors over at Oxygen sure are on the ball.

Meanwhile, a jab at Winehouse made in last week's episode of The Glee Project had been edited out for a repeat airing on Sunday.

"I'm surprised you didn't come out here dressed like Amy Winehouse. Why didn't you?" Glee creator Ryan Murphy teased contestant Alex, who was performing in drag.

That remark stayed in, but a blogger for the Boston Herald noted that a subsequent comment from Murphy, telling Alex all he needed was "a mop and a bottle," was omitted.

The audio kicked right back in afterward.

And no, we don't get the joke, either.

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